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A new record

Auctionhaus Wendl” sets a new record during their spring auction in March.

The German art auction company started their spring auction on the latest release of Auction-Experts software.

This auction was a huge success with high prices and a record-breaking turnover.

One of the highlights of the auction  was a painting of the Dutch painter Isaac Israels (1865-1934) “Young lady with a cigarette”.

The bidders were sitting in the auction room, using the live auction module in the website and telephones to enter their bids.

After a many bids, the price was hammered at € 120.000,  a much higher price than expected.

Use auctions as an extra selling option.

As an auctioneer, you can focus on collecting lots and approaching the right bidders. The user-friendly and responsive software offers you all that is needed to make a success of your auctions. We also take care of the installation, maintenance and control of your auction site: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

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Please click to see how you can help your bidders to keep control. Let them monitor all lots on one page. The dashboard will help you to get better prices for your lots.

Arts and Antiques

Car auctions are a world of their own, A wide variety in cars, types year build and so many other details. Let us help you to sell cars at the best price.

Car Auctions

Car auctions are a world of their own, a wide variety of cars, types, year of build and many other details. Let us help you to sell more cars at better prices

Commodities are the perfect items to auction. Prices fluctuate and are often hard to follow. Using professional auction tools helps to make the market clear en transparent.

Bankruptcy auctions are the core business of a large number of our customers. Let us help you as we have helped them.

Real estate auctions

Real estate auctions, residential, industrial, commercial properties each have their own approach and  options. Let us help you.

Heavy Machinery Auctions

Heavy machinery is also second hand very popular. They still fetch high prices and offer a nice margin.

Live Auctions

Welcome to the wonderful world of live auctions. Combine your live auction with your web auction. Invite people to bid from all over the world. 

RTL auctions airtime TV

RTL has started a new purchase option via their auction: Upfront Guaranteed. This makes it possible to buy GRP’s far in advance with a guarantee on placement. In this way, advertisers can be assured at an early stage that their campaign will be placed on all the channels for which RTL sells the TV commercials.

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Microsoft Auction

Auction features: Used languages :   Used Currency :  Dollar ($) Location Bidders: Worldwide Remarks: All the rules and regulations of Microsoft design had to be met, the

View project classic cars

Auction features: Used languages :    Used Currency : Euro (€) Location Bidders: Worldwide Remarks : This auction is specialised in high quality classic cars.  Exeptional classic

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Agent Royal Navy Auction

Auction features: Used languages : Used Currency : Pound Sterling (£) Location Bidders: Worldwide API : Our API is used for all data exchange between the web shop

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Hammertime auctions Used languages : Used Currency : Euro (€) Growing fast Hammertime started in spring 2015,  they have earned the trust of the large

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Best Wine Auctions

Best Wine Auctions

Best Wine Auctions​ Auction features: Used languages : Used Currency : Euro (€)  For the convenience of bidders outside the Eurozone we have added these currencies

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Auction features: Used languages :  Used Currency : Euro (€) Location Bidders: Worldwide VDI Auctions specialized in agricultural machines   VDIAuctions is a Dutch auction company specialized

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Jorisco and Auction-Experts

Auction features: Used languages :    Used Currency : Euro (€) Location Bidders: Worldwide Belgian auction company. Jorisco is a Belgian auction company, started by Joris Heyman in

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Collectors Auction

Auction features: Used languages :  Used Currency : Euro (€) Location Bidders: Worldwide Veilinghuis de Ruiter “Veilinghuis De Ruiter” is part of the Ruiter Holding, a Dutch company

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Auction features: Used languages :   Used Currency : Euro (€) Location Bidders: Mainly Belgium and the Netherlands auctions boats. Bass boats Cabin cruisers Motor yachts Sailing

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Auction features: Used language :  Used Currency : Euro (€) Location Bidders: Mainly  Europe and Africa Leilosoc is the leading auction company in Portugal. They organise over

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