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Real estate auctions are a select group within the auction family, each lot is of high value. Moreover, bidders typically want a lot of information about the property before they are prepared to bid.

Show bidders all available information

Our real estate auction software not only facilitates real estate biddings at auctions, but it also simplifies the information-gathering phase. Using Auction-Experts, auctioneers can share many photographs and videos of the property, to give potential bidders the best possible impression.

Organising visits to the property or open house inspections are of course essential.

Searchable data for property information

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Besides images, our real estate software offers structured property information that helps bidders to compare lots in a clear and easily searchable format. The lot data for real estate can be very extensive, with main groups such as:

Each of these groups can have a large number of subgroups, so it is important that potential bidders can easily search this mass of information to find their best options.

Ideal for both mass market and high-end property sales

Whether you are running a limited, exclusive property auction or trying to move thousands of houses and buildings, we can help you to get the best result.

Like one of our customers who used our software to the auction of 59 apartments and four penthouses.  Starting prices ranging from € 350.000 to € 990.000).
58 apartments and all penthouses were sold for a combined total of well over €25.000.000./ $ 29.000.000, the lots they received 510 bids.

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