AMPERSAND has taken their auctions to new heights

A prominent player in the wine auction industry, AMPERSAND has taken their auctions to new heights by integrating the best of both worlds.  
AMPERSAND seamlessly combined the convenience and flexibility of a timed auction with the dynamic and engaging experience of a live auction, complete with a captivating video stream.

This innovative approach has revolutionized the way Ampersand connects buyers and sellers, making wine auctions more accessible than ever before. Bidders can now participate in the timed auction and make instant purchases with the “Buy Now” option. And when the excitement peaks during the live auction, they can join in real-time, feeling the pulse of the event as it unfolds.
But that’s not all! AMPERSAND has taken full advantage of our feature-rich mobile app, available on both Android and iOS platforms. The native app empowers users to engage with auctions on the go, providing a seamless and intuitive experience that keeps them connected, informed, and ready to bid, anytime, anywhere.

We are incredibly proud to support AMPERSAND in their quest to redefine the wine auction industry. Their dedication to embracing cutting-edge technology and creating immersive experiences for their clientele is truly commendable.
If you’re passionate about fine wines and want to experience the thrill of a combined timed and live auction, AMPERSAND is your go-to. Don’t forget to download our mobile app to enhance your bidding experience.