Auction features:

Used languages :  

Used Currency :  Dollar ($)

Location Bidders: Worldwide

Remarks: All the rules and regulations of Microsoft design had to be met, the book with the style and format regulations is over 100  pages.


Partners: The styling of this project was done together with Metia.

Microsoft chooses Auction-Expert as their auction software supplier

Microsoft had a $300.000.000 problem when they contacted Auction-Experts.

They wanted to find out if they could solve their problem using Auction-Experts software.

We discussed several ideas and agreed on an online auction using all available tools offered by our software.

When all decisions were made, the project had to go live in a very short time.

We were asked to be very discreet about the contents of the lots and the bids in on the lots.

Microsoft was able to solve their problem in one summer and was very happy with the result.

The auction is by invitation only.

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