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Make your life easier as auctioneer, use the best auction software for your company.
See a limited number of options below use them to do more at lower costs and higher profits.

  • Transparent for bidder and auctioneer.
  • Add lots simply to your auction, using one of our different options.
  • Automatically adds photographs to the lots
  • Creates small images (stamp size)
  • Places the bigger photographs on the lot page (these photographs are instantly optimised for the internet).
  • Multilingual.
  • Before a bid is made the total costs of the lot (bid + buyers premium +VAT/Sales tax) are displayed
  • Calculation module for residual BPM (Dutch vehicle tax for cars and motorcycles) on second-hand cars.
  • Bidders registration including automatic check for valid email address.
  • Registration complies with legal anti-spam requirements.
  • Only registered and validated bidders are allowed to bid.
  • The bidder has access to personal pages where relevant information and various settings can be managed.
  • The bidder can select lots and monitor them. Contents of these pages include:
  • For companies located in the EU, we offer an automated VAT number check.

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  • Bid changes
  • Information with respect to the highest bidder.
  • The lots are displayed in various groups:
  • Highest bidder
  • Outbid
  • Interested but no bid yet.

Changes in these pages are automatically refreshed.

  • The bidder will receive a confirmation email of each successful bid.
  • The bidder will receive an email when they have been outbid.
  • The bidder will be automatically notified of any changes in the auction via email.
  • Auctions may be private, which means that only specially validated bidders can view the data and place bids.
  • The highest bidders will receive a confirmation email.
  • A standard format (XML) is used for information exchange with administrative systems.
  • Web browser features a comprehensive manager to manage the auction.
  • All content can be edited in the manager, including the texts in the various email messages.
  • During auction total bids can be monitored per lot or per product group. In addition, the turnover of the entire auction can be monitored.
  • All bids are stored and can be viewed in the manager. The data can be used as legal evidence.
  • For each auction you can decide how bidders are to demonstrate financial solvency.
  • No bidding limit.
  • A fixed bidding limit.
  • A bidding limit for each bidder.
  • Just press a button once and you will initiate the processing of a private auction.
  • All highest bidders will receive a confirmation email containing a full overview of all bought lots.
  • Features the possibility to immediately send a complete invoice in PDF format.
  • And much more.

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