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The photographs have been shot and stored on your computer or laptop. Now they will have to be sent to our servers, allowing them to be subsequently displayed at auction. So you need to upload the lot pictures. Nearly all auctions feature a great number of photographs, so having a handy software tool is essential here. We use a so-called FTP module for this. We have good experience with Filezilla.

You can download this from their website and install it yourself. You will receive personal login details from us. You will need to enter these details only once.

The program has two screens. On the left screen you can view the data on your own computer, and on the right screen you can view the files at Auction-Experts. Click the photographs on the left and drag them to the right screen. The photographs will now be copied from your computer to Auction-Experts. Copying speed depends on the speed of your internet  connection, the size of the photographs and the number of photographs.

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