Setting up your auction

At an auction website everything revolves around the auctions and the lots. At the Auction-Experts website you can organize an unlimited number of auctions; the auctions can run simultaneously. You can set up the auction in the web manager. You can set up one auction, or tens of auctions, it’s up to you. An auction should feature at least one lot, but it can also feature tens of thousands of lots.

How do you set up the auction?

  • Log in to the auction manager.
  • After you have logged in, go to ‘Auction Management’ via the menu.
  • Select ‘new auction’.
  • You will see a screen featuring a number of entry fields:
  • The most important fields are:
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Auction name
    • Address (the location of the auction goods)
    • Information on the principal (if necessary)
    • Information on viewing days
    • Information on collection days
    • Description of the auction
    • Any additional information.

All you need to do now is import the catalog and photographs.