Adding lots

You may choose to use the web form to add all lot data and pictures etc. or choose a spreadsheet for entering lots to your auctions.

Your web manager will generate a spreadsheet with all the details you have requested. This will allow a quick and efficient method to add the lots to your auctions.
Each lot gets its own line and you can add lots any way you like.

You can use it anyway you want The Auctions-Experts software automatically places each lot in the right place  In the following example we will use a standard catalogue (in advanced auctions many extra options can be added to the catalogue).

Lot import

The auction catalogue forms the basis of every auction, and contains a number of elements. The most important elements in the auction catalogue are discussed below.

  1. Lot number
  2. Category number
  3. Owner code (optional)
  4. Lot name
  5. Lot description
  6. Starting bid (opening bid for this lot)
  7. Minimum bid (the minimum amount a lot is to realise)
  8. VAT on the lot (may be skipped: a fixed setting may be used when the same VAT rate applies to all lots)
  9. Markup (may be skipped: a fixed setting may be used)
  10. VAT on the markup (may be skipped: a fixed setting may be used)
  11. File name for small photograph (e.g. lot1)
  12. File names for any extra photographs
  13. More files and links can be added to a lot (PDF, Word doc, link to more information etc.)

Depending on the number of lots, you may subdivide the auction lots in one go, or, in the case of relatively big auctions, you may choose to do this in sections.