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The catalogue is the basis of every auction

Silver lots
  1. Pictures: use any amount of photo’s per lot, add any amount of videos and any amount of documents and other data.
  2. The lot information can be short and simple or as extended as needed.
  3. Add all the lots using one import, or add multiple times a number of lots.
  4. Integrate the import with your ERP software
  5. Work standalone
  6. Add one lot at the time
  7. Choose any method that suits you best.

The auction catalogue in printed or digital form is the basis of your auction.Do you run online, live, live and online combined or any other auction type.

Adding your lots to an auction

1. Use the form in the auction manager.
Adding lots using the auction manager, a straightforward method.
Go to “Add a lot and enter the data in the fields, and upload all lot pictures at the same time, save the lot and move to the next lot.

2. Import a spreadsheet.
Your auction manager will generate a spreadsheet made to measure. Each line in the spreadsheet can be used to enter the lot details. The import wizard makes importing lots simple and straightforward. The lot pictures will be automatically linked. Use this method when you want to enter a large number of lots.

3. API connection
The API is part of the auction software and is build to communicate with third-party systems like ERP, logistical and another type of systems.
If you have your lots stored in a system that supports API, Auction-Experts software automatically imports all lots. The auction results will automatically export the results to your ERP or other software.

We are happy to help you with setting this up.

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