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Hundreds of thousands of bidders have already successfully bid millions of times. Anything that can be auctioned has been auctioned via our web auction software.
We have years of experience in the international auction halls as well as in the development of web auction software. On the basis of this expertise we can ensure that your auctions run quickly and smoothly.

From very small to very big

From small local auctions to auctions that have attracted bids from all over the world, such as for example Sabena (Belgian national airline company), Swissair (Swiss national airline company) KPN/Quest (European network company).
From vintage cars to seaworthy yachts.
From old furniture to high-quality machines.
From green energy certificates to designer tableware.

Auctions featuring just one lot and auctions featuring 20,000 lots.
Auction-Experts web auction software is suitable for all auctions.

Auctions with limited turnover and auctions realising turnover amounting to over €7,000,000.
Annually, over €250,000,000 worth of auction turnover is realised.

What do you need for a web auction?

What do you need in order to be able to organise a successful web auction?

  1. Lots of sufficient quality (rubbish doesn’t sell, and this also applies to the internet)
  2. Enough bidders (a successful auction requires only two bidders per lot, more bidders are always welcome, of course)
  3. Auction-Experts has the best web auction software, guaranteeing everything runs smoothly.

Any type of web auction

Auction-Experts web auction software enables you to organise any type of web auction:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Liquidations
  • Voluntary sales
  • Commodities
  • Industrial goods
  • Services
  • And so on and so forth.

Our ideal web auction software brings together demand and supply.
Our auction demo shows you examples of Auction-Experts web auction software.

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