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How do you set up your auction?

Setting up an auction is simple and straight forward.

  1. Give the auction a name
  2. Do you want to auction to be already visible? Choose yes or no.
  3. Your default currency is pre-set, but you can change the currency by choosing a different one.
  4. The default bid range is pre-set, other bid ranges can are only a mouse click away.
  5. Choose the lot image set.
  6. Set start date and time
  7. Set end date and time
  8. Set a date when the auction should be no longer be visible.
  9. Enter the location of the auction
  10. Choose if you want to use Google maps to show the auction location.
  11. Save your settings

Your auction is running; you only have to add the lots.

Off course you can add all kind of other information like texts, images, change default costs etc.

All you need to do now is import the catalogue and photographs.

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