Contract for real estate auction

real estate auctionBieden op Nieuwbouw B.V. has commissioned us to set up a new real estate auction, based on the Auction-Experts technology. This auction will assist the project developers with the sale of properties in the various stages of construction.

Beautiful properties at extra low prices will become available for consumers; the project developers are now able to complete the projects faster, resulting in greatly increased liquidity. This creates a win-win situation.

All properties are suitable for real estate auction

No limitations apply to the selection of houses for auction. From apartments to mansions: any property may be put up for auction.
The construction stage of the property doesn’t matter either: an organised, transparent file will be created for each property.
This file will be available per lot; this makes sure that the interested buyers know exactly what is offered.

Public bids

All bids are public, so that everyone can see how the price develops.
The identity of the bidders will remain protected, of course. Only the auctioneer knows who has placed what bid.