The Belgium auction company  Vlavem.com is one of most active auction houses in Europe.
In average they offer between 15.000 and 30.000 active lots (open for bidding).
These lots  are divided a large number of auctions.
Bankruptcies, liquidations, goods from lease companies, overstocks, everything is sold in a professional way by Vlavem.com.

Used  languages

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French

Used currency

  • Euro €

Bidders mainly

  • Belgium
  • Netherlands

Auction type

  • Default auction software


The Auction Experts invoicing software generates a special number based on auction and bidders details. This number is also generated by their book keeping software. This helps to automate all invoice payments.

Auction site



Vesselauction.com auctions a wide variety of boats

The offered lots range from ocean going sailing yachts  to half sunken boats from the canals from Amsterdam.

It is the exclusive auction company for the city of Amsterdam and Leiden for  their boat auctions.

Used languages

  • English
  • Dutch

Used currency

Euro €