Agent Royal Navy auction

Agent Royal Navy uses Auction-Experts auction software

The Royal Navy has a large number of ships, planes and  much more material.
Regular maintenance and NATO regulations provide a constant flow of materials: partly used and partly new.

The sale of these materials is assigned to the agent of the Royal Navy, the Leafield firm.
Here, all materials are collected and inspected, after inspection it is decided how to sell the these items.
They have created two options:
1. Using the web auction,
2. Sell it in there web shop.

Auction Experts guarantees, seamless cooperation

  • One login on both systems.
  • When a user logs in all the details of the bidder are the updated in both the auction and the shop.
  • The lots are automatically loaded in the correct auction and the photos are linked.
  • The billing modules are used and options are  offered to pay by bank or by online Payment.
  • If the payment server is chosen, the bidder  is redirected to the store, the shopping basket is automaticly filled with the bought lots and and the correct bid prices are adde. The rest of the checkout is processed in the web shop.

Auction features:

  • Used language: English
  • Used Currency: Pound Sterling £
  • Location bidders: world wideThrough our API, all data can be a fixed link to the webshop module


This projectwas done  together with our agent in England and Seeems

Microsoft auction

Microsoft chooses Auction-Expert as auction partner

Microsoft requested us to build an auction where only bidders on invitation could bid.
The auction was hosted on the server farms of Auction-Experts.
The project had to be completed in a short time and we had to be discreet about the contents.


  • Languages:
    * English
    * German
  • Currencies:
    * $
    * €
    * £
    Bidding was in US$.
  • Location of bidders:
    * Noorth America
    * Europe
  • Remarks:
    All the rules and regualtions of Microsoft design had to be met, the layout was in  Metro style.
  • Soort veiling:
    * Default auction type

This  project was done together with Metia.

Jorisco uses Auction-Experts

Jorisco is a Belgian auction company.
It started from scratch with our software and a lot of hard work.

The hard work and the high quality of their services worked  well and the company is now the largest and most profitable industrial auction company in Belgium.

Jorisco is specialized in liquidation auctions

Auction settings:

  • Language
    * Dutch
    * English
    * French
  • Currency
    * € Euro
    * US $.


Collectors auction

Collectors auction is part of the Ruiter Holding, a Dutch company with a long experience with:

  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Banknotes
  • Old toys
  • And much more

Auction-Experts is asked to setup an auction whith a number of components:

  • Web auction
  • Automated print catalogue
  • All functions for running an auction in the hall
  • Combination of live auction in the hall and on the internet

Euro €


BVA-Auctions Spain

Spanish auction

BVA-Auctions (a leading European action house with a turnover of € 200 million) requested us to design an auction platform for a new auction company in Barcelona Spain.
The owner is this new auction company is a European group with auctions all over Europe.
Specialities: bankruptcies, overstocks etc.


  • Spanish
  • English

Currency: €