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There’s nothing more exciting than being in an auction room with a great auctioneer and high-quality lots. Bidders are anxious and hope for a bargain and the atmosphere is friendly yet competitive. 
Today we can extend that excitement around the world by combining hall- with online bidding to create a whole new live auction experience.

Auction sales and earnings go up when you augment a packed auction room with hundreds of bidders logged in over the internet. 
The online auction website and the mobile app, helps to increase prices while the costs go down.

Moreover, each time an online bid comes in, a bell sound plays out, becoming more like an alarm when the bidding is fast and furious.

Many bidders have already placed bids using the website. When proxy/auto bids the system will automatically bid for these absent bidders.

More profitable and atmospheric live auctions

The live auction software is integrated into the auction process. The lots only have to be entered once for both the web and the live auction. Even bid registration is automated.

Successful bidders can be invoiced during the auction for the lots they just won and can be paid for immediately or later on.

The result: happy bidders both in your auction room and wherever else they choose to bid.

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