International art auction

A collaboration of art dealers has commissioned the development of an international art auction, using Auction-Expert software. The auction lots will be supplied from England and the Netherlands. The emphasis of the auction is Oriental art and focuses on the international art lover.


All art forms will be presented. The auction company will also assist in the international transport of the lots to the highest bidders around the world.


The numbers of international art auctions that only run on the Internet are limited. Especially in this kind of auctions, the success is for a large part determent by the quality of the lots and the quality of the information (pictures, movies and other info).


Several internet payment options are linked to the auction, so the highest bidders can simply and quickly pay the purchased art.


English will be used at the start, depending on the developments and preferred by the bidders Chinese and Japanese will be added. The whole project management including the design of the auction site is done by DATASMIT.