The company values of Auction Software Company BV

Auction Software CompanyBV is the company responsible for the design, development, creation and hosting of Auction–Experts. Since 1996, we have been involved in internet projects. Since 1999, we have been fully focused on e-commerce software, with Auction-Experts being the crown jewels.

Our company values

The values transparency, trust, responsibility and manageability have been carefully chosen. Each value is important, but for Auction Software Company BV it is mainly about the values in conjunction with each other. Each value enhances one or more other values. In conjunction, the values secure each other and are beneficial for the operations of Auction Software Company BV.

Company-valuesOur values, communications and co-operations

All contracts are recorded. You can always phone us to notify us of changes, but any changes will also have to be confirmed in writing. On the basis of transparent information, you, as a customer, make a choice. It is the responsibility of Auction Software Company BV to fully inform you, and you are responsible for the final contract. Auction Software Company BV is subsequently responsible for the execution. Auction Software Company BV is continually striving for the right manageability, not only to be able to keep matters as transparent as possible for the client, but also to be able to safeguard the responsibilities of Auction Software Company BV in the right way, as well as to be able to reward the trust of our consumers.

Our values and quality control

Auction Software Company BV uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act system as its quality control system.

  • Plan what you are going to do,
  • Do what you have planned,
  • Check what you have done and
  • Act in such a way that you are continually working on points for improvement.

Transparency, Trust, Responsibility and Manageability are fixed target values in our planning (plan) and method (do). During the evaluation (check) of our actions (do) we use these values as performance indicators.

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