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Commodity markets traditionally run on phone calls and emails. Would-be purchasers and hopeful suppliers contact intermediaries who then phone other purchasers and suppliers. In a turbulent market, the number of phone calls can quickly run into hundreds a day, and with so many companies doing the same thing, it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal.

Efficient and transparant commodity auctions

Replacing those phone calls with an online commodity auction saves a lot of work and enables all parties to quickly check current market prices and volumes. Commodity auctions give suppliers and purchasers the time to delve into this and so get the best possible prices.

Clarity for all parties

Regular and well-structured commodity auctions create clarity for all parties. Auction-Experts’ commodity auction software guarantees the anonymity of purchaser and supplier while ensuring that both parties know exactly what the correct, current price is. It creates the ideal marketplace in which to bring supply and demand together.

Enhanced security

Commodity auctions typically involve large volumes and high amounts of money. Knowing this, and based on our experience of supporting a wide variety of sensitive international commodity auctions, from dairy to CO2 trading to overstock and more.
We have incorporated several extra security features so auctions remain private and only bidders validated by the auctioneer can access a and participate in specific auctions.

Proven international experience

Our clients organise a wide range of auctions with various lot types. Examples include: 

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