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RTL auctions airtime TV

RTL has started a new purchase option via their auction: Upfront Guaranteed. This makes it possible to buy GRP’s far in advance with a guarantee on placement. In this way, advertisers can be assured at an early stage that their campaign will be placed on all the channels for which RTL sells the TV commercials.

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International produce auction

The international produce auction site became within one month the dominant pricing factor in the export of Buttercup Squash cups to Japan and South Korea. The market for this pumpkin-like vegetable with 30,000 tonnes per annum is limited, only a handful of New Zealand companies produce the bulk of the volume. On the procurement side,

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Large smartphone auction is a great succes

The Belgian auction company Jorisco ( was asked to handle the bankruptcy of a technical wholesaler. More than 3,000 smartphones from all major brands had to be sold like Samsung Galaxy, iPhones and more popular versions. This auction soon became known among the youth in different countries, so the auction attracted a lot of interest quickly.

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rough diamonds

Record-breaking auction of diamonds

The renowned Belgian auction house Jorisco , organised an auction of diamonds with a record amount of over 140,000 carats of rough diamonds. This auction attracted a lot of international interest. The number of bids exceeded all expectations, and the profits were exceptional. Auction prices were in $, the currency of choice in the international

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