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Car auctions

Car auction
Car auction

Whether you want to sell sports cars, rare classic cars, ex-fleet and ex-lease vehicles, or total loss and salvage-only vehicles or parts, an auction is the best way to get the best price.

Auction-Experts auction software helps you to reach your targets.

Classic car auctions

Classic car auction
Jaguar 1957 XKSS

Auction-Experts car auction software supports streaming audio and video. This makes it easy for you to set up high profile classic car auctions.
Bidders can either bid online or in person in your auction room.

Buyers can bid by raising a hand, raising a bidding number, or use their laptop, tablet or the Auction-Experts phone app to bid unseen by other bidders.
\Bidders can bid from any location with an internet connection.

Second-hand car auctions

car auction

Our car auction software helps second-hand car buyers to find the vehicle they are looking for. Auction-Experts software makes it easy and straight forward to bid.

We can make it simple for sellers to check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) with third party car databases. Even better, you can automatically include all available data from third parties to the cars in your auction.

This way, your buyers get all the information they need to feel confident and will start bidding the highest prices.

Our car auction software helps second-hand car buyers to find the vehicle(s) to theyr interest. Auction-Experts software makes it easy and straight to find the right car to check all details and start bidding.

Total loss and salvage vehicle auctions

salvage car auction

Even cars that cannot be repaired still contain valuable parts.

We offer the most efficient methods of bringing for bidders and sellers together. 
Auctioning is the most economical method for car insurance companies to get rid of their salvage cars.

Car parts auction

Car part auction

Auctioning car parts is an excellent way to reach the right audience and to boost turnover, profitability and cash flow.

Use our state of the art lot-setting system and inventory import.
Your auction is ready for taking bids in no time.

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Lot details

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Lot page car auction
Car auction lot with structured lot data

Show all car data

We offer three options to enter lots and other data in your auctions.

Data made to measure

All structured data are made to measure for our customers. It is dynamic, so only the data fields where information is entered will be shown. With one set of datatypes, you can use the extra data for a wide range of products. Ask us for details.


When the auction site is multilingual, you want to show the car data also in all available languages without having to translate all data for each language. Using the correct structure, translations per lot will not be necessary.

All currencies

The bidding will be done in one currency. For foreign bidders, we can add all other currencies as a reference. The exchange rate of these currencies will be updated daily.

Bidders can decide on what currencies they want to see the bidding.

Demo site

We have setup a simple car auction to show you some of the options.

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