Car auction software

 epic-autoThe best car auction software

We have experience in all type of car auctions, the software is used in  a number of different countries using all kind of languages.

  • new cars
  • used cars
  • salvages cars
  • car parts
  • other types of lots

The automotive market has a number of very special demands which makes the structure for car auction software more complicated.
Each car model has a huge number of options based, on the year of build, promotion packages and all other extra’s.
You need car auction software where all these options can be entered and presented to the bidders.
Auction-Experts software was built with these complex data in mind and to manage the wide diversity of  car data.

Import datademo1

We offer three options for data import:

  • File import
  • API
  • Web service
  • Excel


When the auction site is multilingual you want to show the car data also in all available languages without having to translate all data for each language.
Using the correct structure, translations per lot will not  be necessary.

Demo site

We have setup a simple car auction to show you how this looks.

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