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Auction-Experts software for running bankruptcy, liquidation and overstock auctions started as a specialist solution for two large auction companies.

Today the software is used by many companies who want to run fast, efficient and transparent bankruptcy, liquidation and overstock auctions.

They achieve higher turnover at much lower costs.

For large and small bankruptcies, liquidation and overstock auctions

Out of business

The first big auction we ran was a bankruptcy with over 20,000 lots, in 2003.
The auction turnover had a combined value of €7 million ($8.2 million).
The auction company received a buyer’s premium of over €1.1 million ($1.3 million).
Since then we have hosted tens of thousands of bankruptcy, liquidation and overstock auctions, with combined millions of lots.
Some examples of high profile bankruptcy auctions using Auction-Experts software:

  • The bankruptcy of Belgian airline Sabena and Swiss Air
  • Smaller airline bankruptcies the lots were sold at good prices to bidders from all over the world.
  • A stock of 140,000 carats of rough diamonds following the bankruptcy of an diamond trader in Antwerp, Belgium. The auction had a turnover of around $7 million.
  • 3.000 new smartphones in a bankruptcy of an wholesaler

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