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Auction-Experts has a rich history with many auction success stories to be told. On this page, you will find a small selection from our portfolio. Will your company enjoy the next auction success?

Troostwijk auctions

In 2002 we were commissioned by Troostwijk Auctions (an important European auction house that specialises in large and industrial bankruptcies) to set up a web auction for the bankruptcy of KPN/Quest. This bankruptcy consisted of over 20,000 lots, with a combined purchasing value of over € 25,000,000. 
The auction attracted bidders from over 60 countries. After this success, Troostwijk started using Auction-Experts software for all of its internet auctions. In the years that followed, physical auctions were gradually phased out. Nowadays they only run web auctions

They organise between 50 and 100 auctions a month on average, collectively featuring over 10,000 lots. Troostwijk now uses its in house developed software based on software.


In 2002, BVA Auctions was established, with the objective to auction goods and services via the internet. From day one, Auction-Experts has been the partner of choice. In the first year, 3 auctions were organised; at present, it is possible to bid at over 30 auctions, and nearly 100 auctions are ready for launch. BVA now uses its own auction software.

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Albert Heyn / Gall & Gall

Liquor store chain Gall & Gall is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Albert Heijn supermarkets. This chain store used to use web auctions as part of its marketing communications. However, the software they used didn’t meet their needs, and after they had switched to Auction-Experts, the auctions started becoming very successful.

Daily and weekly auctions were organised. One auction stood out. For a period of six months, a bottle of whisky was offered at an auction. The starting bid was € 0 for a 0.75 litre bottle.  The whisky was eventually sold for more than €6,500.


In 2006, this company started out with nothing at Auction-Experts. Now it is the leading Belgian auction house in the field of bankruptcies. Car lease companies also use Jorisco as an extra sales channel. In addition, Jorisco is Europe’s most important auction of diamonds. In September 2012, Jorisco achieved a record with an auction of 140,000 carats of rough diamonds. Thanks to bidders from all over the world, this auction fetched over $ 7,300,000.


Where Jorisco is leading in the field of bankruptcy auctions in Belgium, Vlavem leads the market of overstocks and liquidations. In less than 3 years’ time, over 1150 auctions featuring over hundreds of thousands of lots have been processed. Vlavem, too, has worked with Auction-Experts software from day one.

Industrial Auctions

This Dutch company is active now as an auction house for several years and specialized in the food industry. They were able to gain a prominent place with their auctions in the BeNeLux, Germany and Spain. Their internet auction is available in several languages:

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