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Auction-Experts  software is suitable for all auctions types and is used by many companies to run their auctions more efficiently. In the past ten years, almost anything that can be auctioned has been auctioned with the help of Auction-Experts.

Different auction types

Sale by auction: The most common auction is a sale by auction. A bid is placed on a lot, and other bidders can then place a higher bid. Bidding stops when the bidding time has elapsed; bidding time can be set per auction and per lot.

Sale by Dutch auction: A requester asks suppliers to bid to provide a good or a service and the supplier with the lowest bid wins the contract to supply. There are many ways to use this type of auction.
Bankrupties:  In many countries, bankruptcy auctions enjoy a special legal status. These auctions may be private or public, depending on the type of goods.
Real estate: By law, real estate (along with large ships, planes and similar) falls under registered property in most countries. This auction ensures that the seller gets the best possible price from the market in a transparent manner. The formal sale occurs by means of a deed. This is drawn up by a notary and signed by all parties in the presence of the notary.
Liquidations: In many countries, liquidation auctions enjoy the same status as bankruptcy auctions.

Commodity:  These auctions are usually private and usually involve large amounts. Only bidders who have been admitted to the auction by the auctioneer are allowed to bid. Auction-Experts’ reliable solutions ensure that only the right  bidders can bid. Read More

New products: Companies often struggle to determine the right price for a new product. By including their new products in various auctions, the market will tell them what people are prepared to pay. It’s the ultimate market research.

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Over stocks:  Many companies are adversely affected by overstocks; a well-organised auction helps to solve this problem.
Rights: Rights represent value, so they can be auctioned. We have extensive experience with CO2 certificates and Green Energy rights, among others.
Holidays:   Just like hotel stays, holidays are services with a unique ‘best before date’. If your capacity isn’t fully utilised, any contribution provides an immediate boost to profits.


Services:  Besides goods, many services are also ideal for auction, with both sale by auction and sale by Dutch auction being suitable.


Private: Every unsold seat in a plane, train, bus or boat is lost earnings. Last-minute seat auction sales can help to fill otherwise empty seats.