Combining auction room and internet

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Combining auction room and internet

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Bidding in live auctions

Bidding in live auction
Bidding using smartphone
Bidding in live auction

One system for all your auctions!

How can you combine the advantages of bidding in the auction room with internet bidding?
Auction-Experts module for live bidding offers you the best of both worlds.
It offers you the best of both worlds.

One system for internet and auction room bidding, all lots are entered once and will be used both in the room and internet. A complete system for all your auctions.

  • Administration of vendors.
  • Intake and administration of goods.
  • Preparing catologue.
  • Publishing Auction catalogue on internet.
  • Bidder can custimize their own catalogue and print it.
  • Bidders may register themselves on internet.
  • Bidders can register at the auction room.
  • Vendors can see the bidding on their lots via auction site.
  • Interactive room auction module:
  • Digital module for auctioneer with:
  • Overview of lots
  • Bids from the audience are simply processed
  • Bids from internet are shown
  • Status of bids on active lot
Live auction bidders page
Bidder screen

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  • Projection screen with:
  • Lot picture
  • Lot number
  • Highest bid
  • Location of bid: Internet of auction room
  • Internet bidders page
  • Oveview of upcoming lots
  • Active lot
  • Overview of bids on active lot
  • Status of own bids
  • Overzicht of previously auctioned lots
  • Administrative functions
  • Invoicing : one lot, several lots, or all bought lots
  • Invoices on paper per email via PDF or a combination.
  • Overviews per bidder
  • Revenu per bidder
  • Settlement per vendor
  • Overviews per vendor
  • Revenu per vendor

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