SaaS auctions software

Software & Service: the convenience of SaaS auctions

Software as a Service, often abbreviated as SaaS, is also referred to as Software on Demand. SaaS auctions software by Auction-Experts is actually software offered as an online service. You don’t need to purchase the software. Instead, you enter into a contract for the use of Auction-Experts as a service, in combination with your own design and your additional requirements. We take care of installation, maintenance and management.

SaaS auctions in the Cloud

We use Cloud services, among others. The software and data can be completely tailored to the location of your bidders, so that your auction can be quickly and easily accessed, anywhere in the world. The location can be set manually, or it can be set in an automated manner right away.

High availability

Your auction is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. By combining our own server park with Microsoft’s cloud services (Azure), we are able to quickly add server capacity. This may be necessary when you organize an auction with exceptionally many visitors. During such an auction the capacity is increased, and afterwards it is down scaled to your standard capacity. Up- and down scaling is done per calendar month. It is a good idea to take this into account in your planning.