Auction packages


Options Starter Professional Enterprise
1 Auto bid
2 Each bidder manages its own data and settings
3 Track lots module
4 Link to social media
5 Multiple auctions at the same time
6 Overview active lots
7 Video link to lots
8 Search engine optimized
9 Mailing module
10 Graphical display of the remaining time
11 Linking external files to lots
12 Separate consumers and business bidders
13 Set VAT for all lots at the same time
14 Set VAT per lot
15 Set VAT on buyer’s premium for all lots at once
16 Set VAT on buyer’s premium for each lot individual
17 Unlimited number of categories
18 Unlimited number of sub-categories
19 Skip category page when  only one lot is available
20 Bidding with intermediate step and cost overview
21 Skip front page when only one auction is live (optional)
22 Dynamic presentation of lot pictures
23 Export to external ERP/bookkeeping software
24 One click bid (bid directly without extra check)
25 Overview of still available lots
26 Automatically sorting of still available lots
27 Show video’s
28 Invoice module
29 Browsing to other lots within the category
30 Printing of catalogue by bidder
31 Advanced search
32 Pay per month (unlimited number of auctions)
33 Special sales condition
34 Combination of lots
35 Category search through different auctions
36 Navigation through different auction at the same time
37 Last bid son the front page
38 Lot intake module
39 Combining live and internet auctions
40 A-B testing (Google analytics)
41 Extra lots per auction
42 Extra auctioneers
43 Online payment link to payment service provider
44 SSL certificate
45 Own design limited
46 Number of languages 1 2 4
47 Linking external files to a lot 1 2 5
48 Number of auctioneers (access to manager) 1 2 4
49 Scalability limited scalable very scalable
50 Helpdesk Office hours Office hours Office hours
51 Adjustable to your wishes limited possible no limits
Not available