RTL air time auctions

RTL auctions airtime TV

RTL has started a new purchase option via their auction: Upfront Guaranteed. This makes it possible to buy GRP’s far in advance with a guarantee on placement. In this way, advertisers can be assured at an early stage that their campaign will be placed on all the channels for which RTL sells the TV commercials.

On the auction site, RTL places lots on which you can bid on a weekly basis. Each lot is a package of a number of GRPs that will be used in a certain period of time. The price is determined on the basis of a TV spot of 30 seconds and the target group of 25-54 years. The auction works at a discount, which means that the amount is reduced daily until it is sold. 

The packages sold through the auction are sold outside the contract and the price card. Advertisers, therefore, decide for themselves the price they want to pay for the package. With the ‘buy order’ option it is also possible to place a bid at the start of the auction. When the price is on or below the placed bid, the auction is automatically canceled and the package is bought.

Esther Tromp, Manager Sales Optimization & Online Traffic: “RTL was looking for a suitable partner who, in addition to a good technical platform, also offered a lot of flexibility. The expertise in the field of auctioning and knowledge of the market also contributed to make the choice. At Auction-Experts.com we found a partner with a vision that was in line with our needs”.

Ton Rozestraten, Chief Sales Officer of RTL: “With Upfront Guaranteed we finally offer advertisers the desired guarantee prior to major events such as Mother’s Day, Easter or Christmas. We always try to tailor our purchasing options as much as possible to the needs of our advertisers, in this case, security. I am proud that with this auction we are taking an innovative step with the sale of advertising space on TV.”  In the first phase, only media agencies can participate in the auction. At a later stage, the platform will also be accessible to advertisers. 

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