Auction features:

Used languages : 
Used Currency : Pound Sterling (£)

Location Bidders: Worldwide

API : Our API is used for all data exchange between the web shop and the Auction-Experts software.

Partners: This project was done together with our partner Soinspired.

Agent Royal Navy uses Auction-Experts auction software

The Royal Navy has a large number of ships, planes and  much more material. Regular maintenance and NATO regulations provide a constant flow of materials: partly used and partly new. The sale of these materials is assigned to the agent of the Royal Navy, the Leafield firm. Here, all materials are collected and inspected, after inspection it is decided how to sell the these items.

They have created two options:

1. Using the web auction,
2. Sell it in their web shop.

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Auction Experts guarantees, seamless cooperation

One login on both systems.

When a user logs in all the details of the bidder are the updated in both the auction and the shop.

The lots are automatically loaded in the correct auction and the photos are linked.

The billing modules are used and options are offered to pay by bank or by online Payment.

If the payment server is chosen, the bidder is redirected to the store, the shopping basket is

automatically filled with the bought lots and the correct bid prices are added.

The rest of the checkout is processed in the web shop.

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