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Used Currency : Euro (€)

Location Bidders: Mainly  Europe and Africa


Leilosoc is the leading auction company in Portugal. They organise over a thousand auctions each year. A large part of these auctions is real estate and cars. Outside Portugal, they also organise auctions in Spain, Nambia. API The Rest API of Auction-Experts is used to synchronise the lots and bids with their ERP system.

leilosoc icons
Icons are used to inform the bidders type of auction.
Life auction bidding only in the auction room.
Life and online auctions.
Online auctions only.
Private sales.
Buy now.
Real estate auctions



Every day a large number of auctions end.

To keep track of these auctions, we have added a calendar. The numbers in orange inform the bidder how many sales will end on that date. By clicking on the date, you will see an overview of those auctions.

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